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5 Signs We’re in a ‘G-Zero Era’ With No World Leadership

The world's falling to pieces and nobody's in charge

Mexico Presses Trump to Uphold NAFTA for the Good of Both Nations

Mexico argued that unwinding economic integration would hurt both nations.

GE CEO Warns Against Protectionism: ‘We Will Not Grow If We Don’t Trade’

He said U.S. companies should "try harder" to compete in the global economy and win.

Trump Says South Korea Should Pay for $1 Billion Anti-Missile System

The President also vowed to renegotiate or terminate an existing trade deal with Seoul.

Donald Trump Was Critical of Global Deals. President Trump Is Slow to Nix Them

Trump's campaign rhetoric is colliding with the reality of governing

Donald Trump’s Road To A Failed G20 Summit Is Avoidable

Going rogue is dangerous.

Trump Is Now Preparing Executive Orders to Review All 14 U.S. Trade Deals

With NAFTA at the top of the list, two administration officials said.

China Is Reportedly Getting Ready to Hit Back Against Any of Trump’s Trade Penalties

"We should have plans in case things go wrong," a policy adviser reportedly said.

Germany’s Angela Merkel and Japan’s Shinzo Abe Speak Up For Free Trade

They distanced themselves from protectionist tendencies coming from the Trump administration.

Don’t Tell Trump, but a Major Global Trade Deal Just Came into Force — and the U.S. Is a Part of It

The TFA is the biggest global trade deal in over two decades and arguably the most significant multi...

Here’s How To Get America’s Trade Policies Back On Track

It’s a mistake for the US to walk away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.