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Trump Met With Execs at AT&T, Verizon, and GE to Discuss 5G and Drones

He will meet with energy industry leaders next week.

President Trump Admits He Doesn’t Have Tapes of James Comey

Trump backed down weeks after suggesting otherwise

What the Senate Health Care Bill Means

Morning Must Reads: June 22

Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler Reunite for a Blistering Takedown of Pro-Trump Protesters

They revived their SNL bit after people protested a Shakespeare play

President Trump Says He Doesn’t Want a ‘Poor Person’ in Cabinet Role

Trump chose a number of Wall Street executives for top positions in his administration

President Trump Using Trump Hotel to Hold Trump Re-Election Fundraiser

President. Candidate. Businessman. Three of President Donald Trump's roles converge next week.

Republicans Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Morning Must Reads: June 21

Russia ‘Used Fake News and Propaganda’ to Undermine U.S. Election, FBI Says

Officials said Moscow tried to undermine the American political process

President Trump Is Returning to Iowa, Where He May Find Remorseful Independent Voters

Independent voters accounted for about 51.8 percent of the overall vote against Clinton

President Trump’s Approval Rating Holds Steady in Pew Survey

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has remained steady since February, even as he faced ...

GOP Health Care Bill Text Expected This Week, Senator Says

The climactic vote could occur next week

Radio Host Resigns After Being Asked Not to Criticize President Trump

Bruce Bond is leaving his job at WTPA-FM

How to Watch Georgia’s Special Election

Morning Must Reads: June 20

Artificial Intelligence Invades Advertising

Meanwhile, tech CEOs visit the White House

Is President Trump Under Investigation? Here’s What We Know

Untangling conflicting reports and claims

Is the President Under Investigation?

Morning Must Reads: June 19

President Trump Says He Has Higher Approval Ratings Than Obama. That’s Not True

The same poll showed Obama with higher approval ratings at this point in his presidency

Indiana Paying Firm $100,000 to Help With Mike Pence Email Requests

The requests are from private citizens, law firms, and news organizations

President Trump Will Spend Father’s Day at Camp David

It is Trump's first visit to the rustic hideaway