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Theresa May Offers Hope for E.U. Citizens After Brexit, Winning Guarded Praise

Britain's Prime Minister said the fate of E.U. citizens will be a top priority in Brexit negotiation...

Brexit Negotiators Will Look at Terms of Divorce Before Future Relationship

Rights of citizens, Britain's exit bill, and the Irish border will be discussed before Britain's pos...

Brexit Negotiations Are Set to Begin Amid the U.K.’s Political Turmoil

Officials on both sides play down expectations for what can be achieved

Europeans Like the E.U. More Since Brexit. Even the British

The biggest Europhiles come from the younger generation

Europe Celebrates the End of Roaming Data Fees

But risks for travelers still loom.

Top EU Court Says Pirate Bay Might Be Breaching Copyright Rules

The Swedish website may have to amend its file-sharing practices.

I Survived World War II. Nationalism Is a Path to War

'I saw leaders who only made matters worse'

Brexit opponents abandon Irish ‘escape clause’ case

The suit filed in Dublin had sought a declaration that Article 50 “is revocable at the discretion"...

‘We Must Fight For Our Own Future’: German Chancellor Angela Merkel Urges European Unity

Merkel suggested the G-7 summit was something of a wakeup call

President Trump to Meet With Anxious NATO and E.U. Leaders in Brussels

Trump is slated to attend his first meeting of NATO

Laptop Ban’s Timing is Uncertain as EU Authorities Push Back

Good for the EU for pushing back. A laptop ban may ultimately be the best decision for security, but...

Laptop Ban Expansion Should Not Be Rushed, EU Officials Say

Security is an important issue, but undoubtedly airlines and many travelers are hoping the EU's lobb...

European Union Funds Pro-Immigration Propaganda Cartoons

The cartoons depict the EU as a fairy who saves Muslims on a magic carpet

Emmanuel Macron Sworn In as Youngest French President

He immediately launched into his mission to shake up French politics

Uber Is Losing Its Legal Battles Across Europe

Uber has long claimed that its app doesn't make the company a taxi provider. European courts are rej...

German Cyber Agency Scolds Yahoo for Not Cooperating With Investigation

Meanwhile, Moscow has denied any involvement in hacking.

EU Will Review Trading Practices by Tech Giants Like Apple and Google

After numerous complaints from smaller tech companies.

EU Watchdogs Expected to Approve Broadcom’s $5.5 Billion Bid for Brocade

After some concessions are made.

European Court of Justice to Review Copyright Infringement Case Involving Google

'We think that the complaint is at least partially justified.'

EU citizenship rights big hurdle in Brexit talks

The most controversial argument from within the EU is that the European Court of Justice continues t...