Need to relate SGSecure at community level: Josephine Teo

  • About: 5 days ago
Need to relate SGSecure at community level: Josephine Teo - World News

SINGAPORE: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Josephine Teo said that while the high-level, national messages of SGSecure are well-understood and effective, there is a need to let citizens relate the anti-terror national movement at the community level.

Mrs Teo was speaking on the sidelines of Bishan North's Emergency Preparedness (EP) Day on Sunday (13 Aug).The EP Day is a signature SGSecure programme to sensitize and train citizens to be better prepared in the event of a terrorist attack.

"In other words, they know that it can happen, and they know it can happen close to them - that they do not think that it is still something that's being talked about in theoretical terms," said Mrs Teo.

Mrs Teo added that the message will need to be repeated over and over due to the relative peace in Singapore, and having people act out what they do in the event of an emergency was "one way to build up a sense of preparedness."

Approximately 20 resident trained volunteers demonstrated survival skills such as 'Run, Hide, Tell' and improvised first aid when caught in a terrorist attack. Similar to previous EP days, the event scenario involved a live exercise simulating a terror attack by gunmen in the heartlands, and how police and community can work hand in hand to reduce casualties and handle the threat.

"We do not want to live our lives in fear, but neither do we want to have our lives destroyed by the lack of knowledge, by the lack of skills," said Mrs Teo. "And I think that is what SGSecure seeks to do - that not only are we prepared, but we're able to respond in a constructive way, in a useful way."

An estimated 300 residents turned up for the event, where they could find out more about SGSecure and practice the necessary skills hands-on at various booths.

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