Will Muschamp only wants recruits who camp with the Gamecocks’ program

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Will Muschamp only wants recruits who camp with the Gamecocks’ program - World News

If you’re a recruit who’s gotten Will Muschamp’s interest, take note.

The second-year South Carolina coach clearly values camps as a way to gauge a player’s work ethic and commitment to football. He said as much on SportsTalk with Bo Mattingly, as reported by CoachingSearch.com.

“Twenty-two of our 24 signees worked out in our camps. If you don’t work out in our camp, I’m not going to sign you,” he said. “That’s over years of experience of making mistakes with guys that didn’t want to come work. That’s just our philosophy here, all the intangible qualities we’re looking for in players in the evaluation process.”

Muschamp went on to say that he views a player’s work capacity as a talent, and that weighs more to him than being a 4- or 5-star recruit as he’s “never recruited based on a star ranking.” Of the Gamecocks’ 2017 class of signees, 19 of the 25 were three-stars, according to 247Sports’ composite ranking.

“There’s a bunch of really good players we don’t recruit because I don’t think they work very hard. If they don’t work hard in high school, most of them aren’t going to start working hard in college,” Muschamp said. “That’s part of the evaluation. When they get on campus, you have to do a great job in the weight room, but you have to have a guy that’s willing to work, a guy that’s serious about his business.”

Also with regard to camps, Muschamp voiced his displeasure with new recruiting rules that limit high school coaches from college camps or college staffs in off-field roles. His brother, Mike Muschamp, is the high school head coach at The Lovett School in Georgia.

“I think it’s ridiculous these rules presented that limit someone’s opportunity,” Muschamp said. “Look at Gus Malzahn, Art Briles, Hugh Freeze, there are some really good coaches (in high school). My brother is a high school coach in Atlanta. He’d love to have an opportunity to coach in college. Now you’ve limited that. I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s fair.

“Because of camps, we have invited the third party, which we’ve been trying to get out of the game. Now we’ve invited them back in … I don’t know how well-thought-out the rules were, but they are what they are, and you have to abide by them.”

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