The 13 Best Graduation Dresses Under-$100


  • About: 2 months ago
The 13 Best Graduation Dresses Under-$100 - World News

Wouldn’t it be nice if the moment you walked across the graduation stage, you instantly became an adult with a full-time job and tons of disposable income? And just like that, dropping $200 on a dress you might wear for a single occasion wouldn’t seem so crazy, right? Wrong. Turns out, not only does it take some solid hustle to nab a well-paying gig right out of school, but a living wage doesn’t mean budgeting’s out of the picture.

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But because shopping for a chic graduation dress shouldn’t set you back three figures, we found 13 chic styles that you can wear underneath your cap at gown—and then all summer long. Ahead, see the best graduation dresses under $100 to scoop up—even if you’re not the one graduating. Talk about a low cost-per-wear.

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