Sruli Recht Creates the World's First Translucent Leather Collection


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Sruli Recht Creates the World's First Translucent Leather Collection - World News

When you hear the words "translucent leather" surrounding fashion, the first designers that probably come to mind are Christian Carol Poell or Boris Bidjan Saberi. However, Jerusalem-born craftsman Sruli Recht is in a league of his own when it comes to modish experiments with cowhide. Recht was commissioned by Dutch imprint ECCO to develop a full range using the innovative leather, which he calls "Apparition." From concept to completion, the collaborative project took approximately three years to materialize.

"It came out of the challenge of rethinking leather aesthetics in terms of both visual and touch properties," said Recht to Dezeen. "We asked ourselves what would be the holy grail of leather? I would say it would be creating a futuristic material that still maintains the properties that we know, love, and requires from leather."

More precisely, the assemblage consists of water-resistant jackets and mid-top shoes swathed in green, amber, black, orange, red and white. The designer described the material as having "spectral qualities and almost ghostlike appearance."

Take a look at the collection above and head over to Recht's official website to learn more.

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