See If You Can Guess If These Legs Belong to Gigi or Bella Hadid


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See If You Can Guess If These Legs Belong to Gigi or Bella Hadid - World News

Bella and Gigi Hadid may be sisters, but they certainly aren’t identical. For starters, Bella is the dark-haired, fair-skinned, younger-by-a-year sister; Gigi, the California girl of the family with her long blonde hair. Bella often likes to channel a moody, goth vibe, with darker eye makeup and lipstick; Gigi skews trendier, often opting for neutral makeup and easy-breezy outfits. Though they distinguish themselves with clothes and makeup, they also look strikingly similar in many ways.

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But there’s at least one area in which they’re particularly hard to tell apart: their legs. Both sisters are tall and lean; though technically Bella is an inch shorter than Gigi (Bellz is 5’9″ to Gigi’s 5’10”), their legs seem equally mile-long. Ahead, we found a bunch of pics of the Hadid sisters in their natural habitat—stomping a runway or trekking along the city streets. Start the slideshow to see if you can ID each sister by their legs alone—and click through to discover if your guesses are correct.

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