Sadistic words betray fake tweets


  • About: 5 months ago
Sadistic words betray fake tweets - World News
We do if the tweets contain words such as "undeniable", and "eager".

But according to academics in the US, if you use "hedge words" such as "suspects", the credibility of your tweet takes a dive.

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers scanned 66 million tweets linked to nearly 1,400 events in 2014 and 2015 to identify words and phrases that affect levels of a tweet's credibility.

Student Tanushree Mitra said: " Little is known about what types of words or phrases create credibility during rapidly unfolding events."

The team asked people to rate the tweets about Ebola in west Africa and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, among others - from "certainly accurate" to "certainly inaccurate".

Words in the tweets were then split into 15 linguistic categories, including positive and negative emotions, hedges and boosters, and anxiety.

"Booster words and positive emotion terms were viewed as highly credible," said Mitra.

The more a message was retweeted, the lower was its credibility - but longer messages were regarded as more credible.



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