Roundup: Aaron Judge vs Bryce Harper; Fart Forces Passengers Off Airplane in Carolina; & Game of Thrones Reaction


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Roundup: Aaron Judge vs Bryce Harper; Fart Forces Passengers Off Airplane in Carolina; & Game of Thrones Reaction - World News

Katie Austin, a Fitness Trainer with a famous mom … “Couple attempts the ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift, ends up hospitalized” … awful story about a Johns Hopkins student/athlete killed near campus … “Woman destroys $200,000 worth of art trying to take a selfie” … it’s been six months since their daughter’s mysterious death at a resort in Mexico, and the family still has no answers … “Logan County school superintendent indicted on child rape charges” … what happens when you put an Amazon Echo in a car? … “Millennials don’t like motorcycles, and that’s killing Harley’s sales” … smart media sharing: CBS News + BBC … “Why Is Hollywood Glamorizing Binge-Drinking for Women?” … gut-wrenching story of a woman badly burned, and then having her husband leave her two weeks later … rancid fart forces passengers from plane in NC … Game of Thrones started Sunday night! … 

I talked about expectations in sports, from Aaron Judge to Lonzo Ball to Bryce, to Peyton vs Brady. Talked college football with Bruce Feldman; Mayweather/McGregor with Greg Bishop and Tanking in the NFL with Manish Mehta. [Full 3-Hour Radio Show; Best-of 30-Minute Podcast]

Former NFL QB Sage Rosenfels penned a pretty thoughtful letter to a former Iowa State coach. [Des Moines Register]

Manny Machado says what everyone is thinking: Baseball is a little boring to watch. [Wash Post]

Hootie Johnson, former chairman of Augusta National, has died at age 86 [NYT]

Mike Tirico on his background: “Why do I have to check any box? If we live in a world where we’re not supposed to judge, why should anyone care about identifying?” [NYT]

What a tough story to read about Greg Oden, who a decade ago, was supposed to be a big-time NBA player. Now? He struggles to walk up stairs. [ESPN]

Shot clocks, plays clocks – these things lead to urgency. Maybe MLB needs one? [NY Post]

Mike Francesa is trying to take credit for the rise of Mike & Mike, PTI, and Skip Bayless. Francesa’s ego knows no bounds. [Bleacher Report]

The Red Sox TV ratings are down despite being in 1st place; the Atlanta Braves are under .500 but their ratings are up significantly. [AJC]

Roger Federer captured his record 8th Wimbledon title. [Guardian]

Reminder: Don’t do drugs. Repeat it twice if you’re a high profile athlete; three times if you could have gone to the Olympics. [Vice]

This one’s for the bowlers.

This is what it looks like when a sinkhole swallows a house.



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