Prime Day is a big deal for Amazon — but is it a good deal for Prime members?


  • About: 8 days ago
Prime Day is a big deal for Amazon — but is it a good deal for Prime members? - World News

Amazon set a series of records with Prime Day this week, reporting sales up 60 percent from last year in what the company described as the “biggest global shopping event” in its history. It was a record day for Prime signups, and in a sign of Amazon’s influence, other retailers also offered their own deals on the same day.

But was Prime Day a good deal for Amazon Prime members? We debate that question on this episode of Geared Up, our weekly podcast and live video show about the latest tech gadgets and consumer electronics gear.

I’m a Prime member, but I didn’t buy anything on Prime Day. I went into the conversation a skeptic, as someone who looks at these types of events purely as a way for companies to get people to spend money they wouldn’t spend otherwise.

By the end of the conversation, however, Geared Up co-host Andru Edwards convinced me to at least pay more attention to Prime Day next year as a consumer.

He takes a very strategic approach, using Prime Day primarily as an opportunity to buy items that he would have purchased anyway — everything from USB cables to a monitor stand to boxes of printer paper and even three gallons of laundry detergent — saving a ton of money in the process.

Yes, he got an extra Echo Dot, as well, primarily to test the Drop In feature, but at $25 when ordering via Alexa, how could he pass that up?

Watch and hear Andru go through his Prime Day shopping list in the video preview and the podcast above. Also listen and watch for our test of Microsoft’s new AI app for iPhone, Seeing AI. Download the MP3 here, and follow Geared Up via Apple, RSS, YouTube, Facebook or Google Play Music.



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