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Monday Check-In - World News
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Happy Monday! It’s time to check in with our weekend spending.

I am still in DC and will be flying back to Seattle at the end of the day (thanks, “getting an extra four hours”). I’m sure I’ll spend a little bit of money today, probably on food, but here’s what I spent over the weekend:

Treating my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and newly one-year-old nephew to pizza: $35.56

Buying even more chewable Airborne at CVS because I chewed my way through the pack I already had: $9.79

Water bottle—yes, even though I brought a refillable bottle—and Twix bar: $4.44

I didn’t end up putting anything on my DC metro card, because I still had money left over from my last trip to DC.

Total spending: $49.79

How about you?

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