Meet The Future of Makeup: Double-Duty Beauty Products That Are Seriously Cool


  • About: 3 months ago
Meet The Future of Makeup: Double-Duty Beauty Products That Are Seriously Cool - World News

OK, I’m the first one to admit that most two-in-one products are complete, gimmicky crap. Maybe I’m jaded from a lifetime of disgusting letdowns (lookin’ at you, swirled peanut butter and jelly in a jar) and overly dramatic infomercials, but magical, mystical, makes-life-easier! products seem…dumb. And that’s especially true when it comes to beauty products. So when I saw a new wave of two-in-one, dual-ended beauty products makin’ their way onto the market, I was hella skeptical. Until I actually tried a few and realized how truly wrong I was.

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No, seriously. I’m not talking about the light-up lip glosses with hidden mirrors and shit, but smart, innovative products that make sense, like a lipstick with a built-in lip liner that lines as you swipe it on, or a kohl eyeshadow crayon with smudgy brush on the other end that creates a soft, easy smokey eye with pretty much zero effort. Yes, these things exist, and yes, you need to try them out for yourself, because they really do shave time off of your makeup routines.

So we rounded up our favorite double-duty products that seriously made our lives (and faces) a little easier to deal with, in hopes of making your lives and faces a bit easier, too. Click through to see them all, and then let your faith in two-in-ones be restored (except for you, Smucker’s. We’ll never trust you again).

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