Lane Kiffin opens up about what may have made him seem unhappy at Alabama


  • About: 3 months ago
Lane Kiffin opens up about what may have made him seem unhappy at Alabama - World News

Lane Kiffin and Alabama broke up well over two months ago, but the former Crimson Tide offensive coordinator is still fielding questions about his time in Tuscaloosa.

During an appearance ESPN’s Dan Lebatard Show on Monday, Kiffin opened up about whether or not he was truly happy during his time on Nick Saban’s staff.

After insisting that he was not upset about taking a pay cut to become a head coach again and saying that coming to work with his own staff in Boca Raton each day was worth it, Kiffin faced the question about his happiness during a three-year stint under Saban at Alabama.

Question: “Outside of the winning, were you happy at Alabama?”

Kiffin: “Yes and no. I had a unique situation where, for the first time, my family didn’t come with me. My kids and wife, and so that made it, outside of the football part, not as much fun. Because they were across the country. That kind of played into that. It would have been more enjoyable had they come and I continued a normal lifestyle, versus, you know, just going there to dive into football. And learn from Coach Saban, and win a bunch of games, and have a blast on the field like we did. We went 40-3, so it was a good time.”

Question: “It aged you though, right?”

Kiffin: “Don’t get me on that again. I already got in trouble for that statement one time… when I called it the equivalent of coaching in dog years. I’m not going to let that happen again. I thought that was funny at the time, but I guess not.”

“Everyone laughs at the time but then someone doesn’t like it when you go back to work.”

Kiffin has dropped humorous hints at his unrest at Alabama. For example, he said he couldn’t remember a happy time during his three-year tenure with Saban back in December.

The fact that Kiffin was away from his family clearly played a part in his perceived unhappiness in Tuscaloosa, or he likely never brings his personal life into the discussion. He and Layla Kiffin divorced during his time in Tuscaloosa.

According to a report from Sports Illustrated back in December, Layla is living in Manhattan Beach, Calif., with the couple’s three children in a $10,000 per month rental home.

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