iBuildApp Lets Companies Build Enterprise App Stores

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iBuildApp Lets Companies Build Enterprise App Stores - World News

With apps becoming an increasingly important part of a company's infrastructure and operations, many organizations are opting to build their own enterprise app stores for distributing specialized apps to clients, employees, and affiliates. Of course, development firms are also building proprietary app stores to help promote and distribute their creations as well as other developers' apps in exchange for a small commission. Traditionally, building an app store hasn't been something that everyone could easily do, but that's all changed with the release of iBuildApp, a site and software service designed to help companies build their own enterprise app stores from scratch.

User-friendly Platform for App Store Development

It seems a team of developers have finally succeeded at creating a simplified app creation platform that specializes in providing templates and design components for company app stores, so now any business can make a robust app for private or public use with no app developing experience. Enterprise mobility application development from iBuildApp allows businesses of all sizes to create incredibly professional looking app stores that streamline the process of distributing company apps to partners, clients, customers, and other authorized members.

Why Would a Company Need an App Store?

Most of us are used to talking about two major app stores, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Anything outside of that is pretty foreign to most people unless you're talking about the Amazon App Store, but even that is the lesser known. So that begs the question, how big of a market is app store development, and is there really that big of a demand for it? It turns out there actually is, as many enterprises are trying to simplify the process of sharing a large number of private apps within their company network, which makes sense for two main reasons:
A) Making it easier for employees, clients, customers, affiliates, partners, contractors, and other authorized members to quickly find and download all of the right apps without the concern of them downloading lookalikes or wasting time.
B) Keep effective company apps private so that they aren't used or cloned by the competition. Sometimes an app's functionality can be considered a company trade secret.

How Many Separate App Stores Can There Be?

Recent market research indicates that there is a high demand for customized apps in corporate sectors, as companies want reliable, well-developed, proprietary solutions to base their operations on. Thus, most of the app stores created with the iBuildApp will never be heard of by most people outside of the company's employee or client base. Knowing that, if you estimate that only 10% of companies (and there are millions) will build their own app store eventually, that still equates to a sizable market to target, especially since its largely untapped at the moment.

Pioneering a Niche in App Development

With the release of its enterprise app store development platform, iBuildApp has entered into a relatively uncharted yet fast-growing area of the app industry. It won't be surprising to see a number of similar competitors pop up, but it would be tough to beat the intuitiveness and practicality of what iBuildApp is already offering. Ten years from now it's very possible that company app stores will be a fairly regular thing, with up to 30% of digitally active businesses having using some form of centralized company app distribution.

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