I Tried To Give Notice -- And Got Walked Out The Door

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I Tried To Give Notice -- And Got Walked Out The Door - World News
I worked for Company A for five years and did well there. I had a lot of friends in the company. Gradually they got out of the hardware design business and they didn't need as many hardware engineers (like me) as they used to.

There were no hard feelings. My boss was a great guy and my co-workers were  my friends.

I told my boss I was going to look for a new job. I got a job pretty quickly, working for Company B. The company had been a competitor when my old company was more into hardware design.

I started my new job in August but it never really took hold. I've had three bosses since then. The company is not doing well.

It's not the right place for me. The culture is terrible and there are always people starting as new employees and people quitting.

I gave notice last week. I told my manager "Ellen" I could stay for two weeks or longer if she needed me. I'm going to get back into contract work so it makes no difference to me how long I stay to close things up.

Ellen didn't accept my notice. She was furious that I  would quit after only five months on the job. She told me to pack a box and leave, then and there. At least she didn't call Security on me! I have friends who have had that  happen to them.

It's sad because Ellen's anger at a situation that she helped create herself (the horrible culture in the company) got her to send me off without training anyone on my work, notifying anyone about my departure, or even tying up loose ends.

I'm not saying I was integral to the company's success, but I walked away cold from two hundred thousand dollars of active projects that were on my desk. Who is going to pick them up? No one has the back stories. My co-workers are swamped themselves.

It's not my problem but it's still shocking that a manager would do such an impulsive, petulant thing and tell an employee "Just get out" when it only hurts them. They gave me keys to the office after about six weeks on the job. They totally trusted me and rightly so, right up until Ellen said "Get out."

I don't take it personally but it's kind of amazing how the managerial fear you always write about will get managers to do really stupid things.

Now if Ellen needs my help, she won't get it. I don't have a lot of requirements at work but I do expect to be treated like an adult. Ellen was changing my password on my desktop machine while I was packing up my things. What did she think I was planning to do?

I told her honestly why I was leaving. She knows how badly the company is sinking. I guess I should feel sorry for her because she is the type to go down with the ship.

Thanks for all you do Liz --

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