Explore Mars With This Real Life 3D Mapping Video

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  • About: 3 months ago
Explore Mars With This Real Life 3D Mapping Video - World News

Get up close and personal with Mars thanks to photographer and self-proclaimed space enthusiast Jan Fröjdman. Taking three months to complete the project, Fröjdman painstakingly arranged over 50,000 stereo images gathered from NASA’s High Resolution Image Science Experiment (HiRISE) by hand to map out a roaming topography of the planets surface.

Fröjdman then converted all the images into panning video clips capturing ravines, mountains and craters, allowing the viewer to experience the size of the planet. While the original HiRISE photographs are entirely gray-scale, Fröjdman color-graded the images and then stitched them together using over 33,000 reference points. Watch the mesmerising four-minute clip above.

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