25 of the Best New Haircuts to Copy This Spring

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  • About: 3 months ago
25 of the Best New Haircuts to Copy This Spring - World News

If you’re a sentient human being, you already know that spring is upon us (if, of course, you ignore the massive blizzards happening in half of the country right now), which means everything in your life is about to get shorter—your pants, your shirts, your patience for cold weather, and, of course, your hair.

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We’re not saying you should definitely, absolutely chop off your hair in the next month like every other celebrity and cool person you know, but, uh, we’re actually totally saying that. Because you’re currently in the sweet spot of climates, where new bangs won’t stick to your forehead under oppressive heat, and short, curly layers will remain manageable in the tepid humidity for another few months. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to try out a new hairstyle with as little fuss as possible, now is your chance.

So to get you started on your hair transformation, we rounded up our absolute favorite haircuts that you’ll be seeing all over your newsfeed in the next few months. Click through the find your new inspo, then get your ass to a salon pronto.

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