20 Of The Most Annoying Things Commercial Drivers In Ghana Do

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20 Of The Most Annoying Things Commercial Drivers In Ghana Do - World News

We asked our readers in the OMGVoice Community how they feel about driving in Ghana.



We heard from close to 400 people. While obviously, we can’t include all the responses, here are some that represent the diverse range of perspectives people shared.

1. Drivers who leave the bus whilst it’s being loaded only for the mate to spend another 5 minutes looking for them after the bus is full. Most annoyingly they don’t even apologise to passengers for wasting their time.

Submitted by: Dzifa Atubra


2. When u try to overtake a vehicle and suddenly they decide to speed up especially taxi drivers…its not a race. Drivers need to know that, they have to allow by slowing down a bit as soon as they notice another vehicle is overtaking them.

Submitted by: Eunice Ampofo


3.  The fact that drivers act as if the will never be pedestrians even if it’s one day packing your car to cross the road. They treat pedestrians very poorly

Submitted by: Blaise Asanga


4. When the driver changes the gear 5 times a munite just because his hands moves around your thighs when changing !

Submitted by: Debbie Asamoah Antwi

5. When slow heavy duty trucks become fast lane huggers and won’t move to the out lane. So annoying.

Also Broken down vehicles left on the side of the road. <div class=

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