10 gift ideas for the most amazing Mother

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10 gift ideas for the most amazing Mother - World News

I have to confess that I still celebrate Mother’s Day in the first Sunday of May – it is a Southern European thing. But I have to get prepared ahead of time – and buy an appropriate card for my lovely mother in March (which is when the UK celebrates it)… as I won’t be able to find any when I will need it later!

Cultural differences aside, Mother’s Day in the UK is around the corner and if you haven’t done anything about it, I am here to help. Here are my 10 gift ideas for the most amazing Mother.


For the tecchie Mother

My mother has recently turned 70 and I cannot tell you how much she’s embraced technology in the last 5 years – it is incredible to see, and how much more in touch we can be. She may be my biggest fan on Facebook (I may have had to explain that, well, comments should be on the lighter side as 1000s of people do read them), but boy, has she mastered Messenger and FaceTime. And YouTube.


Apple iPhone 7

Costs £599 (Sim-free) from John Lewis or directly from Apple.

apple iphone 7

Please note that if you are UK or USA based, Apple now offers an ‘upgrade‘ programme whereby you can buy your unlocked phone and either spread it across 12 months (interest-free), or over 20 months and get the latest model every 12 months. Worth looking into this.


Apple iPad Air 2

Costs £379  from John Lewis or directly from Apple.

Needless to say, it goes beautifully with the iPhone. I will never forget my mother’s face when she realised that the email, photos, messages and everything else was perfectly synchronised between both devices. My 93-year-old mother in law also got introduced to technology via one of these, and she recently upgraded to a newer one ‘so she could see us better’.

apple ipad air 2


Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Costs £134 from John Lewis or Amazon (UK) or xx from Amazon US

Alexa is our family favourite and has been a great addition to our kitchen. The first time I say ‘Alexa, set timer in 20 minutes’ in front of someone new, people cannot quite believe it. I do use Alexa as a timer (namely when cooking as you don’t have to touch a thing), but also to add items to shopping list, to listen to Spotify, get the weather updates and what not. We love Alexa (and her answers).

amazon echo alexa speaker


For the prettiest Mothers of all

I think my mother is beautiful and I will do anything she needs me to. Ageing has been kind to her, and I hope it is all in the genes. But have I given to my mother that she was loved so much?


Babyliss Diamond Big Hair Dual Rotating Brush

Costs £56.99 from Amazon UK and John Lewis.

I have featured this brush a few times and why? Because both Mother and I love it. It has been ‘life changing’ to our day to day lives and the best £50 you can ever spend. Sad? Nope. Perfect for travelling or when you are in between blow dries.

babyliss dual big hair salon brush

Molton Brown Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Gift Set

Costs £69.00 from Molton Brown or John Lewis

We both have a thing for Molton Brown and besides our family scent (which is Orange & Bergamot, aka the ‘old’ Naran Jo), we both loved the Lily of the Valley & Star Anise… namely its cologne. Never ever have people approached me in bathrooms usually (I know, no comment!) and asked me what perfume I was wearing. It is perfect for Spring. And they have a lovely new Spring collection too.

molton brown Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Favourites Gift Set


Clarins Double Serum and Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Costs £124 from John Lewis (includes extra gift set if purchased before April 1 2017)

Clarins Double Serum and Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate


For the Mothers who make their house a home

My mother is an interior designer, so if there is someone who knows a thing or three about making their house (we moved over 1o times, as my mother liked ‘to move’) a home is mine. I have inherited many quirks and habits and one of them has always been home fragrance. But I also got her into other things too <div class=

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