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Republicans Bashed This Budget Scorekeeper. Now Every Former Director Is Speaking Up

Every former director of the Congressional Budget Office has signed a letter urging Congress to R...

Hawaii Has an Emergency Plan to Prepare for a North Korea Missile Attack

State officials are not taking any chances

Why Poland’s Government Is Being Accused of Destroying Democracy

The Law and Justice Party's proposed court reforms have sparked massive protests and threats from th...

The Real Role of Treason in American History

Throughout American history, accusations of treason have been much more prevalent as political rheto...

Wedding Inflation Is Out of Control

These are today's best ideas

A 9-Day Journey Along the Most Controversial Strip of Land in Trump’s America

Read stories from both sides of the barrier that separates the U.S. and Mexico

Florida Teens Who Recorded Drowning Man Will Not be Charged in his Death

COCOA, FL – A group of Florida teens who taunted a drowning man while filming his death from afar ...

The Surprising Tweak That Makes Workouts More Effective

You know that not getting regular exercise can be bad for your health. But here’s a surprising...

Colorized Photos Bring the Real Dunkirk Evacuation to Life

Ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan's film Dunkirk, TIME commissioned Sanna Dullaway to colori...

Salvador Dali’s Body Was Dug Up for a Paternity Test and His Mustache Is Still Intact

It has remained in 'its classic shape of ten past ten'

How to Protect Yourself Against a Ransomware Attack

Recently, a massive ransomware attack using stolen NSA hacking tools disabled an estimated 200,000 c...

Woman Takes Viral Photo of ‘Nightmare’ Airplane Passenger Putting Feet on Her Armrest: ‘I Was in Literal Shock’

'I looked over only to see a foot emerge from the row behind me'

‘This Is Scary for All of Us.’ Game of Thrones Creators Defend New HBO Show About Slavery Amid Backlash

The series depicts a modern world in which slavery is legal in the South

The Riot That Started in Detroit 50 Years Ago Had a Hidden Political Side

The conflagration began 50 years ago

Fantastic Four Is Getting a Surprising Spinoff Movie That Might Actually Work

Noah Hawley has some experience find new ways to rehabilitate beloved properties

Trump Administration Considers Financier Anthony Scaramucci for Communications Director

He'd be filling the role left by Mike Dubke

Dance Floor Assassin Charlize Owen Owned Jimmy Fallon in This Dance Battle

Charlize Theron‘s got the moves both in Atomic Blonde, as a super awesome super-spy, and on th...

Can President Trump Pardon Himself?

As the special counsel investigation swirls around President Trump, the Washington Post reported tha...

A ‘Last Look’ at the Old-Time American Cowboy

They were already talking about the death of the cowboy lifestyle

Google Doodle Celebrates Canadian Philosopher Who Predicted the Internet

Today’s Doodle celebrates what would have been the 106th birthday of Marshall McLuhan, a Canad...