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The dramatic details of Steve Jobs’ life are playing out in a new opera

A time-hopping stage production about some of Jobs' seminal life moments.

Elon Musk: Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI is “limited”

Tech billionaires have differing views on where AI will take humankind.

Mac malware that went undetected for years spied on everyday users

Surveillance malware dubbed Fruitfly was easy to spot but flew under the radar anyway.

Android O Preview 4 is out—next stop, final release

The fourth O preview will hopefully fix some bugs, marks stable support library release.

Samsung Foundries plans to triple market share in the next five years

With a new foundry business unit, Samsung wants to be a "no. 2" in chip manufacturing.

Maybe The Americans is quietly a technophile love letter to the 1980s

Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg talk handheld football, spy tech, mail robot, and more.

Microsoft’s secret weapon in ongoing struggle against Fancy Bear? Trademark law

"Redirecting…Strontium domains will directly disrupt current Strontium infrastructure."

Google denies claims of a desktop revamp

Report says the famously plain Google homepage is changing. Google says it's not.

Microsoft’s most baffling release yet, Surface Laptop is just a laptop

Review: The Surface Laptop is far and away Microsoft's least ambitious hardware.

VST ECS (Thailand) reveal its available in 3 latest smartphones from Xiaomi high quality, affordable and reliable after sales service from the brand owner.

VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. introduced Xiaomi the latest smartphones launched in the market from th...

Google drops the boom on WoSign, StartCom certs for good

Citing “certificate misissuance,” Google to expire all certs from offenders by September.

Clover Trail systems won’t get Windows 10 Creators Update, ever

GPU issues block new Windows versions, but security updates will be provided.

FCC has no documentation of DDoS attack that hit net neutrality comments

Records request denied because FCC made no "written documentation" of attack.

Intel shuts down group working on wearables and fitness trackers

We probably won't see any more wearables coming from Intel.

Blue Ella review: Planar magnetic tech sounds great, but costs too much

Other headphones sound as good for less cash, while looking a lot less wacky too.

Bug fixes abound in macOS Sierra 10.12.6, iOS 10.3.3, and watchOS 3.2.3 updates

Likely the final updates before macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 become available.

Claiming “mistranslation,” Microsoft says even UK will get Fall Creators Update

It’s going to be called “Fall” even when it should be “Autumn”... or “Spring.”

Russian man who helped create notorious malware sentenced to 5 years

DOJ: Citadel led to $500 million in losses for banks.

After 3 months, Samsung’s “Bixby” voice assistant finally launches in the US

Samsung's answer to the Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa is rolling out now.

Campaign managers for Clinton, Romney team up to fight foreign hackers

"Defending Digital Democracy" will "generate innovative ideas" to safeguard democracy.